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Raising money for Weymouth Surf Lifesaving Club

Teaching lifesaving skills and building a safer community by the sea

The challenge: 6 weeks to go from zero to twelve hours.
Fay is attempting to swim 8 laps of Weymouth Bay, which is about 32km, the same distance as the English Channel swim. This is a test to see what can be achieved when the limits of endurance are pushed over a very short training period. Originally this swim challenge was to coincide with a big club event, with the children swimming, paddling rescue boards and doing beach games to  generate more support for this amazing club. However this is now impossible under the current Covid-19 situation. Postponing the swim to allow more time for training was an option, however we felt this was an essential time for the club to be actively promoting water safety.



Weymouth SLSC

I am going to be swimming for 12 hrs about 32k in total, the distance of the English channel swim.
I am raising much needed funds for Weymouth Surf Lifesaving Club, which was started up 2 years ago by an amazing woman, Alice Higgins. Already a full time member of the RNLI she saw the need for a local Surf Lifesaving Club to teach children and adults essential water safety and lifesaving skills.
Run completely by volunteers, we train every Saturday on the beach May-September and have regular pool sessions throughout the winter. Children learn essential skills to keep themselves and their families safe in the water. We are training the lifeguards of the future.
We are a whole community of parents, lifeguards and children who have a passion for the sea and keeping everyone safe in it. Fun and games run alongside serious issues such as the RNLI's motto "float to live" and what to do if you're caught in a rip current.
The club has doubled in size since it's start and we desperately need more funds to buy further equipment and train more coaches so we can grow as a club to keep the waiting list of children who want to join us at a minimum.

Throughout the lockdown period we have kept active via weekly online session with short exercise routines, lessons on CPR, the dangers of tomestoning and cold water shock to name but a few.
Please help support me and this amazing club, thank you.



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