I have been incredibly lucky to have been sponsored by the Selkie Swim company this year. They have provided me with some fantastic kit, plus are giving anyone who uses this code CCFE20 20% off. 10% of all sales generated with this code will be paid to the fundraising for WSLSC. There has been incredible support both from team selkie and the other amazing charity challengers who are all finding it pretty tough this year, with challenges being postponed or cancelled. Take a look at the charity challenge page and see what other people are doing to raise money for some fantastic causes.





The Swimmer

Thalassofile, Sports massage therapist, open water swimming coach, SLSGB beach lifeguard and Mum to two beautiful girls. My passion for swimming started about 4 years ago and since then I have done a few events A client once came in and told me he was doing the Dart 10k. I hadn't heard of it, but was in absolute awe of anyone swimming 10k. My first ever swim event was the Lyme Spash 3.2k and I was so nervous but I haven't looked back since. In 2017 I swam 75k over 4 days to raise money for a family friend whose son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It was a huge undertaking as I only completed my first 10k the year before, but I made it and raised over £3000 for him and his family. I love swimming, I love the freedom of the open water and I love to challenge myself. Most think I'm mad to put myself through it, but personally I would rather swim a marathon than run it. I believe in pushing myself to my limits, so be inspired, be bold, have courage, have faith in yourself. Have a dream and make it happen.


Swim support/Artist

My daughter Beth will be walking alongside me for the 12 hr swim, no mean feat in itself! She will be providing sustenance at regular intervals (600-900 calories/hour need to be consumed to provide enough energy) playing music and generally motivating me not to give up when I'm ready to give in (She's enjoyed telling me to "just get on with it" a bit too much!). Beth has been my rock through training in the last few weeks.  She's looked after her younger sister or  walked along the beach making sure I'm safe and well fed with hot chips afterwards. Beth is also a brilliant artist and has designed the poster for the event.



Safety Kayakers

Paul is an expert kayaker and Greenland roller and Will is following closely in his footsteps. When you are swimming for hours on end, you need some light relief and they served this up by the bucket load, often making me forget how long I had been swimming, or the pain in my shoulders. Laughter is the best remedy, except when swimming as there is a tendency to swallow lots of water!


Emotional Support

This group of amazing people have supported, cajoled and encouraged me not just on this challenge, but over the last 2 years. I have been pushed so far out of my comfort zone, I've wondered which way is back. However I have learnt so much with this lot having my back and from Alice especially, who has proven that that superheroes do exist, despite the cape slipping occasionally! From help with fundraising & publicity, childcare & bike rides to keep fit when I couldn't swim, you guys rock.